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Skype Alternatives – iPhone, Android, PC

If you are looking for Skype alternatives, you may want to read this blogpost. Today, I’m going to review a real competitor of the popular Skype software. In fact, they declare themselves as the real alternative and boasts a lot of features that Skype will not have. In recent months they have gain a lot of new subscribers and even defectors from Skype users.

Now, let’s look at ooVoo

Led by Robert Jackman, ooVoo is a software managed by ooVooLLC. ooVoo can be operated on many operating systems including Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and Facebook. Unfortunately, ooVoo does not work on Linux.

First, let’s see how well it works on mobile. ooVoo allows you to call up to TWELVE friends on a single session. You can call from almost make video calls to a Mac or PC from your mobile phone, plus you can also access your ooVoo account and contacts from your PC, Mac and your phone. That’s very versatile, I say.

And, ooVoo connects to WiFi, 3G and the latest 4G too!

Another benefit of ooVoo is that they offer HD video calling so if you want to experience high quality HD video calls with your friends, ooVoo could be your answer. (I believe that Skype will come out with HD calling soon… but I’m still waiting!)

Both software offers paid credits where you can call to almost any numbers around the world. However, I see that Skype offers more calls to more countries. (For example, ooVoo doesn’t offer calls to Burma but Skype does). Both rates are comparable so depending on which country you call, you can save money on either one. In my comparison, Skype offers slightly lower rates for calls made in USA (Skype: 1.2 cents/ ooVoo 1.8 cents)

What’s bad about ooVoo?

One thing that I don’t really like about ooVoo is that it is ad support. Yes, you will see some pesky ads floating around the software. This is something that is not found in Skype.

Plus, it’s a relatively new software (2007) compared to Skype (2003). As Skype is a more popular and more established software, they also have products like Skype-ready cordless phone and FREETALK phone adapter. ooVoo isn’t that popular yet so you won’t see such products available.

Which one will you choose?

So which one will you choose? I feel that if you want flexibility and not bothered with ads, try ooVoo. If you are a standard video call user, perhaps Skype would remain a useful tool for you.

At the meantime, why not try out the ooVoo software and decide for yourself?

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